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          Warmly welcome Turkish customers to visit our company and negotiate business
          Release time:2021-01-20      Number of hits:690

          On October 26, 2019, Turkish customers came to our company for a field visit to inspect products and services, equipment and technology, which made Turkish customers full of confidence in the development prospects of Hisun.


          Accompanied by the company’s chairman Lu Lei and the vice president of business, Mr. Lu visited the company’s production workshops, R&D, warehousing and logistics. During the visit, they gave detailed product introductions to customers and answered their questions. The knowledge and good working ability also left a deep impression on the customers.


          On-site testing experiments were conducted on the company's products for customers, and the product quality was highly praised by customers. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation and signed a cooperation contract, hoping to achieve a win-win and common development in the future cooperation projects.


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